Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hum Kis Galli Jaa Rahe Hain?

Everyone wants to know more. Everyone asks this question to self many a times: ‘Why does it happen to me?’ We all want to be something or feel that everything should go in some specific way. But, when situation is out of our control, we tend to become conservative and rigid to everything that falls out of our boundary of acceptance. We say that changes are necessary. But when these changes come against our own interests, we start feeling uncomfortable and awkward. And, if changes are such that it brings complete phase shift in our personality or attitude towards life, we start feeling fluctuated between reality and our desired life (virtual world).
When we feel that we are far away from what we wanted to be, we indulge in acts of pretence and self-deceit, attempting to convince the world around that we really are what we wanted to be. But actually, within us, we feel exhausted and saturated. The path joining between this type of behavior and reality is through identifying deficiencies within and thereafter, realizing clarity within. Thereafter, through analysis, we can approach ideal of our dreams. This bridge is nothing but, yoga- joining imperfect self (jivatma) with power and accomplishment (parmatma). This means that passing the bridge of uncertainty and uncomfortable environment is possible through activities like Concentration, Meditation, Super conscious vision and thoughts.
Thus, groundwork of creative thoughts is through concentration. When our mind concentrates in right way, our thought process covers broader area and then, powerful thoughts gleam in our mind. Meditating over these ideas in focused way, brings super conscious vision within us. Concentrating over anything in right manner brings quality of ‘ekagra’ and super conscious vision that brings ample fruitful thoughts is called ‘dhyana’. When concentrated in ‘dhyana’ for sufficient amount of time, our mind reaches to become Supreme Being, where thoughts flow like oil poured from one vessel to another. This hyper active state of mind is called ‘samadhi’.
Now the question comes: ‘where these thoughts come from?’ The answer is: The world is evolving since its inception and it is still evolving. The same is also true with our existence. Our mind is influenced by many things around us many of which are not recognized by subconscious. Neurologists discovered that our brain creates for us only a partial perception of what is actually out there. There is another world out there, which our eyes have always seen as virtual world until some unconscious mind explored it and reacted upon it. Our conscious mind reflects, in terms of our personality and subsequent events, what is being perceived by it. However, if concentrated in the way explained above, our subconscious mind will also tend to generate creative thoughts in better way. So, evolution has not yet stopped. There is huge world out there which needs to be identified and to be reacted upon. This extreme stage of super conscious vision is called ‘moksha’, where all bounds of real world breaks and one indulges into virtual world called Innovation.