Friday, May 28, 2010

Digital Media outlook report - 2009

An interesting presentation on Digital Media outlook for year 2009.Few reasons why Internet is still called 5% medium:
  • Almost 60% of advertising campaign's biggest objective is to create 'Brand Awareness' - I firmly believe Digital is not a medium to create awareness... it is medium to drive engagement / interactions.
  • Only 9% of advertisers wants to engage their audience - A reason for big No-No to Digital!
  • Perception of medium is another problem... None of the vertical has clear idea about the know-how of medium. A big opportunity evangelists - teach marketers what digital is!
  • Is mobile the next big thing? - answer is We don't know. I think industry is still waiting for a successful marketing campaign on mobile to be used as case study.
  • Measurement Metrices - is it really helping? or it exposes something more than what it should!
Webchutney Digital Media Outlook Report 2009