Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am sitting in my room here at 2100 and thinking something about everything. Though, Irony of the situation is that I am thinking about nothing. My Desktop is fucked up.... and I am hopelessly trying to fix it up. I am afraid my data will be lost. Its whopping 75 GB of data which needs to backed up. One will wonder what this 75 GB of data could be? Well, its nothing but all shit!! You know, what kinda things we all pile up on our Hard drive. Well, let it be as it is.... Let me talk to you about my lappie. Only thing which I am using since more then one year and which has never let me down is my laptop Was thinking of jerking off my laptop after MICA... I'll have to rethink about it. This is uncertainty.

I had chat with my Chuddie Buddies just an hour ago. This is when I was thinking about uncertainty. We expect something out of life and life drives us somewhere else. I remember those school days when me and my friends were together. Days are different today. Leave it, its a long story. Main theme of this article is 'uncertainty'!!! Thanks to microsoft for making windows media player. My media player is playing some good shit from Pink Floyd. I had never thought I will listen to Pink Floyd and would feel like intoxicated. Its really weired for guy like me to hear such music. Thats uncertainty.... Definitely!!! Otherwise, I am known for my 'Govinda' like attitude. Well, I wont talk much about it... I know what I am talking about is like Garbage (In one of my friend - Pallav's words). Leave it.... I also feel bored to write all these nonsense. Let me tell you about something which is very uncertain about me. Its my mood. My mood swings a lot. I dont know why.... but I feel very confused, unsure and bored a lot of times... that too without any reason. Sometimes... I am full of energy like anything. Thats me... very uncertain. But thats not something to talk about... I wanted to share something... its about placements. Its gonna take place in next month. Guess what I am gonna say.... yes, u are true. Placements are also uncertain. Its not just about placements... Everything is uncertain.

The thing is why should we worry about it! If everything is uncertain, why the hell people keep working about something day and night. They call it hard work and zeal to get something. Something which would satisfy their ego... their need of fame or money. Well, that is where I am also unsure about. What is it that drives my life?? No clues. Sometimes, I feel that I am living for money. Sometimes, its relationship. Sometimes, its fame. However, I am definitely sure that nothing of these have made me really happy. When I look back, I see myself most happy when I actually learned something. Something about complexity of life. Something about uncertainty. Something about what drives this uncertainty. And I am quite sure that understanding complexity of life and simplifying it would lead to maximum satisfaction.

Well, enough of bakwasss....... Signing off!!!!
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